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Becoming a Secured Party Creditor

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To be able to complete the filing on your behalf as we will be acting as your agent in creating these documents it is of necessity for Sovereign Filing Solutions to have the following:

A power of attorney & Necessary Information for Filing

An original Certified copy of the Certificate of Live Birth. (This can be obtained from your local Vital Statistics Office)

Please Contact Representative For Further Assistance or Inquiries by referring to the listed contact methods on the Contact Us page.

Please also note for the Notaries included package that we outsource the notaries to Your Acting Agent ( and that a Power of Attorney & a copy of a photo ID must be released to them for them to do the notaries on your behalf. The Power of Attorney Form for them can be obtained HERE or on their website.

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Filing Included, You File, Filing & Notaries Included


uSA, Canada, Latin America


Secured Party Creditor Necessary Information for Filing & Power of Attorney

This is the form for the SPC Processes. The SPC takes between three and eight weeks to prefect.

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5 reviews for Becoming a Secured Party Creditor

  1. Bob
    5 out of 5


    This process is the most thorough I have seen!!

  2. DonJuan
    5 out of 5


    $20,000 is not all that much in the big picture. I’ve been way more in debt than that every time I’ve reetnd a place. And I’ve never lived in the ghetto or anything like that, always pretty nice places. Most places don’t really care how much debt you have, they just care whether or not you have a job so that you can make the rent payment each month.If you file bankruptcy, that will hurt your credit way more than having, or even not paying your debt! Bankruptcy is probably one of the worst things for the goal you are trying to accomplish.I would recommend going to the local Department of Labor office and looking at the job postings there (if you are currently out of work, I mean). They have all sorts of free resources to help you find meaningful work. Also, they can probably hook you up with a free financial counselor so that you can be sure to afford to pay your new rent payment and also your debt payments. This goes for you and your mother both. Are you old enough and able to work? Is your mother healthy enough to work? Are you both already working?Once again: Do not file bankruptcy, as it will hurt your credit worse than the debt!!

    • admin

      (verified owner):

      This is obvious banker BS that does not want you to escape peonage, and we could not disagree more! 20,000 in debt is how much many make a year with NO extra money for expenses. If you want to get ahead we would suggest the opposite. File as you need, then create a new credit profile not connected with the old one and create good credit under it for the next 2 years and do what you need and not be trapped by the burden that you most likely will not be able to get our from under with interest and penalties. Information on creating new profiles for entities can be found in our new book Operating Sovereign.

  3. Coy Coleman
    4 out of 5


    This is very through indeed and it the first step in the road to independence. It does take some time though… I am in a hurry. I need P/C CAFV to start next! Hurry SFS! Sovereign in Distress!

  4. Prince
    4 out of 5


    I’ve heard tons of great things about this process (regadless of the company it is attached to; but please make certain you know exactly what you are doing because ignorance is NO exception the law. I’m relatively new in it but I invite anyone whom is willing to partake on this mission with me. I’m funding the entire project I’m just seeking a bit of guidance as its becoming a bit more difficult in its intermediate stages

  5. Gregory
    4 out of 5


    @prince I would gladly help you i have several resource materials and been studying and can maybe help with some questions u may have. so hit my email

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