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Becoming a SPC Filing Included + Both Sovereign CD’s + Free From Servitude 2.0


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Are you ready to take back control of your own life?

Becoming a Secured Party Creditor is the first step towards this goal.

This process includes everything that needs to be done to establish a superior interest in the debtor corporation.

Sovereign Filing Solutions as your personal agent will complete all necessary documentation and filings on your behalf so that you can be worry free, and confident in your standing as a Secured Party Creditor.

Documents that are included in this filing.

  • Security Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Common Law Copyright
  • Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement
  • Form-56
  • W-8ben
  • Collateral Bond
  • UCC Financing Statement
  • UCC Financing Addendum
  • Cover Letter
  • Chargeback

Benefits of Becoming a SPC

  1. Separates with specific distinction the flesh and blood man from the fictitious corporate entity
  2. Reserves/Secures rights and interests (Remember you have no rights unless they are asserted.)
  3. Creates the ability to proceed in other filings/venues etc…
  4. establish a superior interest in the debtor corporation
  5. establishes a Common Law Copyright
  6. defines penalties for violations of rules and rights

To be able to complete the filing on your behalf as we will be acting as your agent in filing these documents on your behalf it is of necessity for Sovereign Filing Solutions to have the following:

  • A power of attorney & Necessary Information for Filing
  • An original Certified copy of the Certificate of Live Birth. (This can be obtained from your local Vital Statistics Office)
  • A copy of both sides of the pertaining Social Security Card
  • Become a Secured Party Creditor (Filing Included) + Plus Both Sovereign CD’s!!

    This is a compilation, a 2 disk set of sovereign documentation and knowledge with over 4000 files (years of study) gathered by many groups/sovereigns over the last 5 years. This is also a great reference source of information. This is a Data DVD as the information it contains (MP3, Written Documents PDF’s) is large in nature.

    Subjects these CD’s include are:

    And Many More!!

    This Package Also Includes

    Free From Servitude 2.0

    Please note that Sovereign Filing Solutions does not regulate or mediate the content of this CD, we simply distribute the content that the creators (the contributions of the public at large) have donated to us. If there are any discrepancies for any reason please contacts Sovereign Filing Solutions so we can rectify any content that might have been sent to us without consent of the creators, or the licensure thereof.

    As we simply want to offer the largest amount of content to our viewers we do not have the time or the means to look over every file individually. If you find any Functioning Errors, Content Discrepancies, or any other Mistakes or Errors, please contact us so we can make the contents better for the next man/woman to receive this CD. Furthermore with all said, this CD is offered as is.

    Thank You to all those that made contributions so the next generations of sovereigns can be better and more educated than we are ourselves, and society as a whole can grow into the dreams we can imagine.

    Please Contact Representative For Further Assistance or Inquiries by referring to the listed contact methods on the Contact Us page.



Please note that you only use the top of the Necessary Information for Filing Form.


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