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Please make sure to call in at your appointment time (989)833-0077 Ext. 1 or directly at (707)722-2999.

Please note that all times are based on Eastern Standard Time.

Scheduling is required to speak to someone from the east coast office only. This line is for established clients who need information on a current process they are working on or one they are getting ready to work on. It is not for general inquires but for assistance on the main services we offer or status updates. Questions outside of filing services should be directed to the appropriate line.

If you would like faster service and response please dial (989)833-0077 Ext. 2 or directly at (707)797-7971 to speak to sales and your call will be returned in the order it is received without the need for scheduling.
Otherwise please feel free to schedule yourself in.

Please click on the date you want to schedule your appointment for and it will show you the available options.