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If you are looking for UCC filing divisions you’ve come to the right place. Sovereign Filing Solutions has compiled the links on this page for legal professionals and others who are looking for quick access to the corporate information available in online searchable databases maintained by the Secretary of State for any given state. The extent of information available and the way in which it is present varies from state to state. Some states provide only a business name lookup, while others offer search by officer and director names, and UCC filing information. Please be sure to check the hosting state entity for more information about the type of content offered and the time periods covered. All of the divisions that are currently known to still accepting filings are listed below in Green. Known rejections are in Red.
ALABAMA AL Secretary of State AL Business Services Business Entity Records & Inquiry System UCC Inquiry System
ALASKA AK Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing Be sure to check the links bar on the Division page, also: Corporate & Business Entity Search UCC Searches
ARKANSAS AR Secretary of State AR Business & Commercial Svcs Business Entity Search Business Entity Search – Mobile Trademark Search UCC Search  $$Fee
ARIZONA AZ Secretary of State AZ Business Services Registered Name Search (Corporations, Partnerships, Tradenames) Info on Active Corporations UCC Search
CALIFORNIA CA Secretary of State Business Portal California Business Search California Publicly Traded Disclosures
COLORADO CO Secretary of State « Business Entities Search  « Advanced Trademark Search  « UCC Search  «
CONNECTICUT CT Secretary of State UCC & Corporations Data
DELAWARE DE Secretary of State Div of Corporations General Information Name Search FREE DirectWeb Corporate Information $$ Fee based
FLORIDA   FL Department of State Document Searches (Corporations, Partnerships, FBN, & more) UCC Search
GEORGIA GA Secretary of State Corporation Div. Search Corporations By: Business Name, Control/Charter Number, Officer, Registered Agent Trademarks and Service Marks UCC Index Search
HAWAII HI Dept of Commerce & Consumer Affairs Search for Business Name
IDAHO ID Secretary of State Business Entity Search UCC/Lien Search
ILLINOIS IL Secretary of State Business Services  Search Corporate/LLC Database UCC/Lien Search
INDIANA IN Secretary of State Business Services Business Entity Name Search Name Availability Fee-based Special Searches $$Fee  UCC Search and Info   Trademark Search
IOWA IA Secretary of State Business Services Iowa Corporations Search (direct link) Search Databases (includes links for corporate, UCC, Notary & Financial Disclosure)
KANSAS KS Secretary of State Business Services Business Entity Search UCC Secured Party Search $$Fee
KENTUCKY   KY Secretary of State Business Services Business Databases – Corporate Name, Officers, Directors, Registered Agents UCC Online Index Search
LOUISIANA LA Secretary of State Commercial Div. Search Corporations Database UCC Direct Access Search $$Fee
MAINE ME Secretary of State Corporation, Etc. Home Page Maine Interactive Corporate Services UCC Resources & Search Online Corporate Services
MARYLAND MD Secretary of State Dept Assessments & Taxation  « UCC Filings Home (at DAT)  « UCC & Business Entity System (Main Page with links) –UCC Search   –Business Charter SearchCertificate of Status $$Fee Trademarks & Service Marks  «
MASSACHUSETTS MA Secretary of the Commonwealth Corporations Division Search Business Entities UCC Public Search
MICHIGAN MI Department of State Services to Businesses Business Online Services Business Entity Search / Name Availability UCC – Search $$ or Free Quick Search
MINNESOTA MN Secretary of State Business Center Entity Name Search Business Online Services (Includes links for UCC search) (UCC search by filing # free, otherwise $$Fee)
MISSISSIPPI MS Secretary of State Business Services Corporation Search by Name (with links to search options) UCC Searches
MISSOURI   MO Secretary of State Business Services Business Entity Database Search UCC Search RA9 Search
MONTANA MT Secretary of State Business Services Business Entity Search Corporate Records $$ Registered Principals Search $$ UCC Search $$
NEBRASKA NE Secretary of State Corporations Div Corporate & Business Entity Searches
NEVADA   NV Secretary of State Corporation Searches
NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Secretary of State Corporation Div. Business Name Lookup UCC Search $$Fee 
NEW JERSEY NJ Department of State Business Registration & Records  « Business Name Availability « Search Business Entity, Trade/Service marks  « Search UCC (Non-certified)  «
NEW MEXICO NM Secretary of State NM Public Regulation Commission NM PRC Corporations Information Inquiry NM SOS Uniform Commercial Code Info
NEW YORK NY Department of State Div. of Corporations  Search Corporations and Business Entities UCC Lien Search
NORTH CAROLINA NC Secretary of State Search Corporations & Registered Agents UCC InformationClick UCC Research
NORTH DAKOTA ND Secretary of State Business Record Search Central Indexing – UCC
OHIO   OH Secretary of State Business Services Business Inquiry Page (by Name, Charter No., Agent) UCC Inquiry Page 
OKLAHOMA OK Secretary of State Business Services Business Entities Search Search Corporation Entities« Trademark Search UCC Search (State filings handled through Oklahoma County clerk)
OREGON OR Secretary of State Corporation Div. Business Registry Database UCC Record Search
PENNSYLVANIA PA Department of State. Corporation Div. Business Entity Search (Corporations, LP, LLC) UCC Search 

RI Secretary of State

Corporation Div.
Business Entity Search (Corporations, LP, LLC) UCC Search
SOUTH CAROLINA SC Secretary of State Search Business Filings (Search Biz filings, UCC & Charity) or use Corporation Search & UCC Search  
SOUTH DAKOTA SD South Dakota Secretary of State « Business Services « Corporation Info Search  «
TENNESSEE TN Secretary of State Business Services Business Name Availability  « Business Information Search  « Trademark Search  « UCC Searches  «
TEXAS TX Secretary of State Corporation Div. SOS Direct Filing & Searches $$Fee Corporation Search (FREE search)
UTAH UT Dept of Commerce Corporation Div Business Name Availability   Business Entity Search Main Search Page Some free, some $$Fee UCC Certified & CFS Search $$Fee For Certified  
VERMONT  VT Secretary of State Corporation Div. Corporations Database Search Corporations Search by Keyword Corporations Search by Person UCC Debtor Search
VIRGINIA VA State Corporation Commission Business Entity Search UCC Tax Lien Search
WASHINGTON WA Secretary of State Corporation Div. Corporations Lookup UCC Search $$Fee based
WEST VIRGINIA WV Secretary of State Search Corporations Database Order UCC Search $$Fee based
WISCONSIN WI Secretary of State Dept. of Financial Inst Corporate Registration Information System(corporate records, name availability, officers, etc.)UCC Record Search
WYOMING WY Secretary of State Corporation Div. Search for Registered Entities Searches – UCC E-System $$Fee
District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) Official Government Site DC Dept of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs Business Resource Center Registered Organization Search Certified Business Enterprises Search Basic Business License Verification
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