LLC Form

This is the contact information for you if you need to be contacted

This is a secondary contact if you are not available.

This is the managers name for the LLC. It can be the same as your primary or secondary contact name.

If you are using your SPC Address make sure not to abbreviate any of the criteria.

Do not Abbreviate the state. The Address has been left open as to allow the use of other countries/provinces if necessary.

Only fill this address in if your mailing address is different than your primary address above.

This is the name you desire for the LLC. If you desire privacy as your NM LLC can help you operate invisibly do not use information that links directly to you or your family such as names or personal information.

The most common reason for a rejected LLC filing is that a name is already in use. Please choose an alternate name in case the first you have chosen is already taken.

If you have a specific purpose that you are going to use the business for please attach a brief description in Word or Text format. If not it will be listed as Asset Management. Maximum upload size 10MB. Accepted file types: doc, docx, txt, rtf.

By pressing "Submit Form Now" I am agreeing to designate Sovereign Filing Solutions as attorney in fact for me the principal, to act in the following capacity in behalf of the principal.

  • The attorney in fact shall have the limited power to perform all necessary actions to create or assign the creation of a New Mexico LLC on behalf of the principal, including if necessary to sign the principles name to certain documents as if the principal himself were signing on said documents. The documents, upon which the attorney in fact shall have authority to sign the principal's name, are limited in scope to the creation of a New Mexico LLC.
  • This special power of attorney shall become effective immediately and shall remain in effect until the documents are prepared or until revoked or terminated as specified in paragraph 3 or extended as specified in paragraph 4.
  • This power of attorney may be revoked, suspended or terminated in writing by principal with written notice to the designated attorney in fact.
  • This power of attorney may be extended as necessary by written authorization of principal with written notice to the designated attorney in fact.
  • The designated and acting attorney in fact and all persons dealing with the attorney in fact shall be entitled to rely upon this power of attorney so long as neither the attorney in fact nor any person with whom he was dealing at the time of any act taken pursuant to this power of attorney, had received actual knowledge or actual notice of any revocation, suspension, or termination of the power of attorney by death or otherwise. Any action so taken, unless otherwise invalid or unenforceable, shall be binding on the heirs, devisees, legatees or personal representatives of the principal.
  • The estate of the principal shall hold harmless and indemnify the attorney in fact from all liability for acts done in good faith and not in fraud of the principal.
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