Foreclosure Remedy




Are you looking for the proof that you have been swindled? Do you want the evidence necessary to create the winning scenero you are looking for? Know the bank has committed fraud but need the evidence to back you up? Then you have found what you are looking for.

The Foreclosure Remedy

give you all the evidence you need to push for a full discharge of the mortgage based on fraudulent lending practices and securitization. This will establishing your standing with the alleged Commercial Bankers and distinguish their liability to you.

This process is designed for a complete remedy to prove fraud on the mortgage, and get your house back to the rightful owner – YOU!


Everything that is included is as follows:

Complete Securitization Examination and Mortgage Examination
and Analysis Report

Mortgage Loan Examination and Analysis Report

This is an in-depth analysis of your client's loan documents,
including a summary of TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, and other compliance
violations, as well as loan underwriting violations; includes
MERS report

Demand Letter:

This is a personalized, professionally written Qualified
Written Request under Section 6 of RESPA for rescission due to
federal law violations. Report is based on findings in the
Mortgage Loan Examination. Securitization Examination Report (SEC
Report): This is an easy-to-read report that follows the chain of
transfer of the note and deed through the securitization process;
includes trust information, SEC hyperlinks, voluntary liens
report, and MERS report.

Summary of Findings:

This is a brief, professionally written summary of our
findings, signed by our lead examiner. It is based on the
findings in the SEC Report.

CUSIP Findings:

CUSIP information uniquely identifies a company or issuer and
the type of security identified with it. It is based on findings
in the SEC Report.

Abstract of Title Report:

This report consists of:

  • Detailed Property Report
  • Voluntary Lien Report
  • Legal and Vesting Report
  • VP4 Valuation Report
  • Initial Document Image (Deed Of Trust or Mortgage)
  • Assessor Parcel Map
  • Building Permit History (if applicable)

Recorded Document Examination Report:

This is a report that examines the related documents of
record, providing a summary of inconsistencies regarding
recording dates, robo-signed signatures, assignments executed by
companies gone out of business prior to recording, and general
overall deficiencies in the recorded documents.