Redemption Manual 5.0 – Book 1 of 4 – Free From Servitude

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The Redemption Manual 5.0 Book 1 will teach you about the process that will take you from being A DEBTOR SLAVE ON THE PLANTATION to a SECURED PARTY CREDITOR – No small feat!

This is the latest, ‘Updated Edition’ of the original Redemption Manual combined with the Free From Servitude book to give you an amazing read with great instructions. Here you will learn the fundamentals necessary to REDEEM your Strawman and take control of your DEBTOR and all property by filing a security interest and allow you to establish the standing and capacity as a Secured Party Creditor. It is the HOW TO BOOK that will teach you; What redemption is (commercially and from a ‘Biblical perspective), How Corporations fit into the scheme of things, Public Education, the Monetary System, the Republic, Money Creation and Banks, Your Mirror Image, and HJR-192.

It will walk you through the entirety of the beginning documents set-up with forms and instructions. You will also be shown how to ‘do your own’ Security Agreement, Copyright Notice, Hold-Harmless Agreement, UCC-1 and UCC-3 to take back control of your, ‘Debtor/‘Straw-man’ and all of the collateral and property.

8 reviews for Redemption Manual 5.0 – Book 1 of 4 – Free From Servitude

  1. Cregory Cole

    Love 4.5 so you know 5.0 even more

  2. Garrett

    Cant wait to get this book to do my secured party creditor process. thanks so much

    • Sales

      Our pleasure. 🙂

  3. Fabrian

    The freedom to a life of peace

  4. jesse m reed

    I have been putting it off for too long I am a firm believer. It is the time to start my life learning experiances.

  5. Larry Lynn Davis

    I have already finished the book. There was a lot of good information. Two things should be done when you do the next edition. 1. Actually show how to do what your teaching. I have found other books that are better at it than this one. 2. It was quite a bit wordy. What I mean by that is the book kept repeating it’s self quite a few times.

    • Sovereign Filings

      Thank you for your suggestions we will certainly take them into consideration for the next release.

  6. Michael Metellus (verified owner)

    I didn’t necessarily finish the book yet but I’m 3/4 of the way through and I absolutely love it with a passion. Thus book takes you back to history and really breaks down the who, what, where, and how!

  7. Daniel

    Hi everyone, Would anyone know by any chance if Sovereign Filing Solutions is there own distributor of the Redemption Manuals or do they have a Third party distributor.

    • Sovereign Filing Solutions

      We publish directly and supply sub sellers.

  8. cristina sau

    Very good book revealing and explaining this Redemption Process which is a real and practical way of exiting the system. I wish there had been more pages spent on the explanation of the process step by step than in the history. Many doubts remain when you finish the book. Another huge improvement would have been to use a placeholder name such as “John Doe” in the examples of the documents instead of using words such as “could be anyone” or “I’m the exchanger”. It makes it very difficult to understand which names one should acually use in each case.

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