Can you obtain my Birth Certificate or Social Security Card for me?

We do not offer either of these services nor can we as it may be seen as a conflict of interest. This is something that either you or your power of attorney need to accomplish. We can offer suggestions though, such as where to find proper forms to do so. By far the easiest way to do so is to do a Google search for Vital Statistics “State Born In”. So if you were born in Tennessee you would lookup “Vital Statistics Tennessee”. Another suggestion we would offer is to use the mail order form with a physical address that is not that of an institution or business. Such as a home address of yourself or that of your Power of Attorney. If you attempt to have your Power of Attorney go in person on your behalf this in almost all cases will not work and will place the issuing authority on alert. So if you yourself are not able to go in person then the second best option is the mail order form.

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