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What is an Unincorporated Business Trust? And what are its advantages?

UBOT is:
1) an organization created and managed by ''trustees" for the benefit and profit
of Beneficiaries who hold or may acquire transferable trust certificates. Trust
certificates provide individual holders evidence of interest in the Trust estate
2) a powerful entity by which individuals may combine their resources to operate
a business for profit without the inherent liabilities of a partnership or the
double taxation of corporations. A UBOT. can preserve privacy; protect
assets against judgments and lawsuits.
3) often called a "Common-law Trust" but this phrase is not descriptive of any of
the peculiar characteristics of such organizations. The basis for the
terminology "Common-law Trust" is that they are created under the common
law of contracts and does not depend upon any statute for its existence. See
the United States Constitution, Article 1 Sec. 10, Clause 1.
4) brought into being by two basic documents: a Declaration of Trust and a Trust
Indenture. These two documents make all the provisions of who is who and
who is responsible for what, relative to the Trust activities.
5) A great way to avoid tax liabilities of a business, or trust transactions, until
money or assets are distributed to the beneficiaries.

Since the Trust Indenture is a contract between the creator and the trustee, the
indenture controls the activities, powers and responsibilities of those who administer the
Trust. No one has legal authority to change its provisions except those so authorized by
the indenture.


The benefits of a UBOT are:
1) Privacy
2) Limited liability
3) Not subject to probate
4) No state or inheritance taxes
5) Minimize and/or avoid income taxes
6) Maximize depreciation
7) Reduce capital gains tax
8) Separate investment program
9) Protect Assets against Creditors

To learn more about the UBOT its uses and applicability please feel free to view or download the following pages excerpted from our book "Free From Servitude 2.0".

5 reviews for Unincorporated Business Organization Trust

  1. Alex

    Bob,What did you miss: The elephant in the room empeoyle pay. we want the best people (but pay least, whats fair , etc.) Companies are NOT setup to make empeoyles money J.O.B. = Just over broke do a session on changing from empeoyles to independant contractors now THAT is the future. The company is going to slam all the costs down empeoyle’s throats anyway (insurance, fees, etc.) have no loyalty (one hickup in business and they slash the workforce) and pay won’t increase to cover rising costs so why be an empeoyle? The time has come when it costs about the same to work independantly and have the potential to make more money remember that making money ..it’s why we put up with companies in the first place.Talk about the Elephant because mgmt only does this once a year or when hiring Later

  2. brad

    look we all know that we were giving a birth certificate at birth and we did not give permission for that it is impossible so for that being said thank you sovereign filing solutions I’ve got the power now…

  3. Raheem Johnson

    thank you sovereign filing solutions with your help on everything thanks to you I am finally free.

  4. tameshastewart

    fast, efficient, and courteous!

    • Sovereign Filing Solutions

      Thanks! We are happy that we could be of help.

  5. jordant4life

    Would it be idea for the private foundation irrevocable trust to own the unincorporated business trust which in turn owns the faith based organization and whatever other business venture I decide to set in motion. Or should I switch the position of the unincorporated business trust and irrevocable private foundations?

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