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What were doing.

As an ongoing effort to keep you safe we are posting an update to an incident that has been reported to us. We are working on gathering additional information and your help is appreciated. Any information that you have on contact with parties representing to be from our organization by the name of NEAL or GARY would greatly help us combat a party that seems to be using our good name for services we do not offer. This party is possibly a scammer and we would advise people against working with them.


What you can do to stay safe.


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What we know.

We have had reports of clients receiving calls from a party claiming to be Neal or Gary offering Discharge of Debt services.

Neal was a party that was once part of our call team but was let go due to client complaints. It seems someone is impersonating a member of our staff to try and get people to contract with them.

Sovereign Filing Solutions specifically does not offer services in relation to Discharge of Debt. We also do not have anyone on staff by the name of Neal of Gary.

Calls have been received by clients from the following numbers: (406) 607-7902, (716) 335-8672, (707) 339-8555

Email being used:


How you can help.

If you receive a call or message from this party please gather as much information as possible and report it to us using the form below. Please include pictures, videos and phone recordings of interactions with this party.


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Neal Fraud Report

Form used to report Fraudulent interactions with Neal.

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