What is expected/required of me if I am accepted in the RFR Program?

We are able to help in many ways such as in the creation of documentation to help in support of your claims, but in the end we cannot be you. By this we mean that you cannot learn the material or get this knowledge through osmosis because a person you know knows the material. We are not here to protect you, rather to help you learn to protect yourself. So if you are not willing to learn and study then this may not be the right course of action for you. If you are willing to learn and grow, then the best way to learn this material is to accept enough of it until the pieces fit together. Do not get hung up and stop because you do not understand. Your current misunderstandings comes from a false foundation that needs to be corrected until the picture is clear. After that, you will be fluid because logic will tie it all together. So in short what we expect of you is to learn, understand and consume information knowledge, and even law until you have a decent understanding to be able to know both procedure and operation. On this note it is either recommended that you directly, or through a power of attorney get a membership to the Sovereign Connection http://www.sovereignconnection.com and study not only the jurisdiction seminars, but everything else thereafter that you are able to absorb that corresponds to your situation­.Per the UCC 1-201 (34), it states that; “Remedy” means any remedial right to which an aggrieved party is entitled with or without resort to a tribunal.

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