Can I make Payment for Processes with future Chargeback/Discharge?

We do apologize but what you seek by definition is not only impossible in the principle, but also impractical. We realize that you do not have an understanding of what you are doing thus we will elaborate. As nothing is yet in place you have nothing to use. This is like deciding that you are going to fly, and then jumping without wings. Furthermore you ask us to trust that you will make good on a promise on blind faith for possible future gain without guarantee and cost out of pocket. As we are sure you can see this is unfavorable for singular gain and not mutual benefit. If you remember your maxims “A workman is worthy of his hire”. We are a private service provider, not a government agency, municipality, county, State or the federal government or a ‘corporation engaged by a commercial contract demanding payment for some product (car, loan, home, taxes, etc.) Furthermore there is no guarantee that you will put in the time to learn and understand nor that you will make the progression to the point that you will make good on your word. So guaranteeing us large sums in the future although great in thought is impractical in use. Furthermore, if you had a tangible instrument that was easily exchangeable you would not need to tender it to us to make payment…

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