Custom Personal or Company Stamp – Choose your own style!


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Once you have placed your order please make sure to follow up with an email to that includes:

  1. Who you are?
  2. Who is the stamp for?
  3. What was your order.  Order Number(from your order receipt)
  4. Which stamp Number you would you like?
  5. Which Color?(Please pick a color. Only 1 color can be picked.) 
  6. Which part of the stamp would you like to change?or would you like as is? ( add Logo, Graphics etc.) Please email an example to
  7. Would you like to add the year?
  8. What would you like to put for the Company Seal Stamp Message? I.E.  Seal, Secure Party/Creditor .
  9. Will it go to the same  address you entered on the site?
  10. Do you have a design that was already made.(Custom Stamps can only be made in one color)
  11. For what purpose are you using these stamps (business, personal, etc.

This is an Example of what your request would look like:
“Hi this is Kathy White. I would like stamp number 6.  I ordered a Custom Personal/Company stamp under order number 14532 for Mike White is for business and mailing purposes.  I would like stamp in red. I have also included in this email a photo and of the stamp I would like to use. Please put Mike White Trust on bottom and Secure party creditor on the top. “

Please note your order will NOT be processed until we have the proper information to do so.

Once the above is complete please make sure to call Graphics at 989-833-0077 ext. 1 or 707-722-2999 direct. You can also email us at

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