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Privacy Act Request - FOIA IMF.

This a very powerful 14 page document set customized for you to acquire your Individual Master File using a Privacy Act Request. 

Please note that this is a digital document set. The documents will be compiled and provided to youwith instructions for use by email and your client portal. You will need to print, sign and mail this document set yourself.

Do note the Regional Location of use for this document set is the United States.
If you purchase this item and it's compiled on your behalf for use we can not refund you as you will have already received the document set. In short do not purchase this document set unless you have use for obtaining the records from the United States.

The Individual Master File (IMF) is the system currently used by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to store and process tax submissions and used as the main data input to process the IRS's transactions. It is a running record of all of a person's individual tax events including refunds, payments, penalties and tax payer status. It is a batch-driven application that uses VSAM files.

The IMF stores an individual's name, taxpayer identification number, address, income, deductions, credits, payments received, refunds issued and taxes dismissed.

The response to this Privacy Act Request can be used to do further due diligence into important information that you would not otherwise have access to. If you are looking for the trail to follow the money this is a great starting point!

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