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The purpose of this Form Set (contract) is to establish a marriage under God the Father of heaven and earth to established the rights of this couple desiring to marry and so the state may not interfere with the contractual relationships of individuals acting under God's Law and within the purview of the Common Law. The below forms are necessary for us to prepare the Sovereign Marriage set, please make sure to fill out the form and email it back to as well as make payment for the service once done follow up with a phone call to Document Compilation at 707-797-7971.

Sovereign Marriage Form

At least one party (the husband or wife to be) must have at least your SPC filing complete to be eligible for an Sovereign Marriage.

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Subject: Holy Matrimony


I want to first and foremost express my gratitude for the wealth of information this organization has provided for free online. I am also hoping you can continue to assist me with some questions I have that I’m hoping you can answer for me.

I will like to get married with my spouse but I do not want to pursue my holy matrimony using the government process via a marriage license. I live in the state of Florida and I was wondering if this organization could provide me with any information how I can get married without a license yet it be validated by the state as a valid marriage.

Please inform me if there is any documents I need or a link where I can get such information, and how to file my marriage without a state marriage license.


1. An important purpose of this website is separation between church and state.

2. As we point out in the following article, the CREATOR of a thing is the OWNER of the thing from a legal perspective:

Hierarchy of Sovereignty

3. A marriage can only be Holy in a biblical sense if it is created and owned by God and under the authority of His laws AND NO OTHER LAWS.

4. What God has created UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF HIS HOLY LAW cannot be dissolved by man or any STATUTE of man.

5. In our experience, the pagan secular state will not recognize anything that it did not create, cannot control, and does not therefore OWN. Why? Because if they can’t control it and dissolve it and tax it and regulate it, they will pretend like it doesn’t exist, because it is AGAINST their economic interest to recognize anything they can’t tax.

6. What you are therefore asking us to do is to help you in essence SERVE TWO MASTERS. By “Master” we mean “CREATORS” and OWNERS. The bible forbids this in Matt. 6:24, and Luke 16:30. This also means that you want us to help you commit idolatry by placing government ABOVE or at least EQUAL to God in the context of your marriage and even your children.

7. The worst sin in the bible is the sin of idolatry. It is forbidden by the First Four commandments of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20. Thus, you are asking us to conspire with you to commit the worse sin in the bible and help you commit idolatry.

8. You will need to choose ONLY ONE of the two possible masters: God or Government. You already know which of the two we serve and we won’t serve Government, recognize or aid or abet government as a lawgiver, or sanction violations of God’s law by following man’s law.

9. In addition, the only reasons we know of why one would want their marriage recognized by the state are based on biblical sin:

9.1 They don’t trust their spouse and therefore want the government and the legal profession to supervise, punish, and STEAL from their spouse to effect the mandates of man’s pagan laws.

9.2 They want to collect “benefits” from the state, and can’t do so without a licensed marriage that is officially recognized IN THE STATUTES of man’s pagan laws. Our site FORBIDS all members from pursuing government “benefits” of any kind. We state this on the opening page of the site, in case you missed it:

People of all races, genders, political beliefs, sexual orientations, and nearly all religions are welcome here. All are treated equally under REAL “law”. The only way to remain truly free and equal under the civil law is to avoid seeking government civil services, benefits, property, special or civil status, exemptions, privileges, or special treatment. All such pursuits of government services or property require individual and lawful consent to a franchise and the surrender of inalienable constitutional rights AND EQUALITY in the process, and should therefore be AVOIDED. The rights and equality given up are the “cost” of procuring the “benefit” or property from the government, in fact. Nothing in life is truly “free”. Anyone who claims that such “benefits” or property should be free and cost them nothing is a thief who wants to use the government as a means to STEAL on his or her behalf. All just rights spring from responsibilities/obligations under the laws of a higher power. If that higher power is God, you can be truly and objectively free. If it is government, you are guaranteed to be a slave because they can lawfully set the cost of their property as high as they want as a Merchant under the U.C.C. If you want it really bad from people with a monopoly, then you will get it REALLY bad. Bend over. There are NO constitutional limits on the price government can charge for their monopoly services or property. Those who want no responsibilities can have no real/PRIVATE rights, but only privileges dispensed to wards of the state which are disguised to LOOK like unalienable rights. Obligations and rights are two sides of the same coin, just like self-ownership and personal responsibility. For the biblical version of this paragraph, read 1 Sam. 8:10-22. For the reason God answered Samuel by telling him to allow the people to have a king, read Deut. 28:43-51, which is God’s curse upon those who allow a king above them. Click Here for a detailed description of the legal, moral, and spiritual consequences of violating this paragraph.

9.3 They want to use the state created civil status of “license marriage” as a means to effect transmission of property between spouses in case of death of one or the other for probate purposes. There is no need for the “benefit” of succession if the two of you write a trust that FIRES AND REPLACES the state with private law.

10. Therefore:

10.1. A state recognized marriage is always a licensed marriage.

10.2. There is no need to pursue licensed marriage or state recognition of marriage.

10.3. You can use contracts and private law to replace whatever STATUTORY “benefit” arises out of a licensed statutory PAGAN marriage.

10.4. Licensed marriage violates the separation of church and state. Your body is a TEMPLE according to the bible, and God’s temple cannot be holy if it married to the state through a licensed marriage. That would be polygamy.

10.5. Licensed marriage or state recognition of marriage is an abomination and idolatry.

This article is posted here with the permission of Family Guardian Fellowship.

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