Redemption Manual 1 Course: Understand Your Rights, Or Suffer



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Course Overview

In our world today that is influenced
with advancing technology, every single one of us has access to more
information and knowledge unlike anytime beforehand. In our country as well as
around the world, there is a war on truth and its dissemination of information;
what is considered to be acceptable to be discussed publicly and what should be
labeled and filed as “disinformation”. Growing up, we all have been taught a
designated set of values and beliefs that influences every aspect of our lives
today. How we view ourselves in submission to our local, state, and federal
government, how we view our justice system, how we pay our bills, etc. have all
been heavily influenced by what our schools and other government-sponsored
organizations have taught us. The question is, is what we’ve been told the
truth? If not, then how can we as individuals, endowed by our Creator, operate
within this society while acting in honor as sovereign beings? This course will
empower every attendee with the knowledge to make educated decisions from a
position of understanding their lawful rights.

Course Objectives

This interactive, virtual course’s
main objective is simply empower every attendee with the knowledge that is
available for each one to conduct his/her affairs honorably in accordance with
the existing laws designed to protect and preserve our rights and means to have
remedy. This course will focus on understanding the fundamental concepts that
has built the framework of how our society is being controlled and influenced
today. This course will not discuss any particular remedy processes as it would
do everyone a major disservice if instruction of any process is shared without
providing the framework and understanding of the problem at its origin. If you
are looking for a “quick fix” to your immediate needs, then this course isn’t
for you.

In particular, too often you can
find many processes online or on social media platforms of people promising results
if you simply “follow instructions” or a predetermined list of requirements. With
many of these “easy button” processes, people attempting to do them without
understanding the foundation as to how they got there have often gotten
themselves into unnecessary and frustrating situations, all of which are
preventable if they took the time to understand what they were doing.

What this course will cover will
consist of the following topics and how they’re related to each other: (not in
any particular order)

How did we get here? The
difference between a Constitutional Republic and our current Corporate

Our court system and how we’re
getting “just-ice”, not justice

What is money? (and what it isn’t)

What does it mean to be and
conduct our affairs as a Secured Party Creditor?

What is my Strawman? And how does
it affect my daily life?

How to conduct ourselves honorably
while engaging with law enforcement officials (LEO)

Knowing the differences between
rights and privileges; operating in the private and public

And more

Attendee Resources

This course is designed to
supplement the study of Redemption Manual Series book 1 “Free From Servitude”.
It is a requirement that every attendee has this book as it is the primary reading
resource to study from. Supplementary reading resources will be provided during
class sessions via downloadable pdf documents and recommended books to study between
class sessions that would cement the attendee’s understanding of a particular

Course Outline (subject to change)




Introductions; Overview of key terms, Course Objectives
and Study Resources. Discussion of current societal events and ties to course
topics (Matrix, Wizard of Oz). What is a Strawman? (Time permitting)


What is Money? Historical study of the central banks and
its influence over the monetary policy and U.S history dating back from the
American Revolution to now. Discussion of the creation of the Strawman and
its monetization. HJR 192- ending ‘real money’ and the start of fiat


Court Justice System; discussion of the 13th
amendment (nobility clause). What started the War of 1812 and how it affects
your standing in court. Do you need a lawyer?


Engaging with Law Enforcement
Officer honorably; knowing how to prepare oneself to “win” when and where it
truly matters.


Basic overview of trusts and how it compliments the
Sovereign in conducting his/her daily affairs. (a more detailed explanation
of creating and using a trust will be offered in a different course).

Public v. Private… why it matters and knowing the differences.
(Time permitting)


Taking control over your Strawman. Discussing UCC,
fundamental elements of the SPC trust, and tying in the trust banking

Course end review and recap


End of Course Objectives:  At the end of the course,
the objectives consist of the following goals:

Attendees are well versed in locating and understanding the
laws and resources available to them to discern how to approach their specific immediate
and long term goals from a perspective based on law.

Attendees have the confidence in understanding the laws
available to them regarding engaging with law enforcement officers, court
cases, banks and debt collectors, etc., in honor.

Establish a knowledge foundation to build upon with
subsequent resources available to create multiple trusts, discern and implement
effective debt remedy techniques, and how to win in court without needing an

Attendees having an understanding of the difference between
the natural living man/woman, and the Strawman and having the resources to guide
them on how to conduct their daily affairs accordingly.


Notes:  Class instruction will
intend to last for an hour, no more than 1.5 hours. QnA sessions will commence
at the end of every class and will last until the last person has their
question answered (or until the instructor must leave for other commitments).


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