What is a Secured Party Creditor?

Please note the following is a very short and terse synopsis of what an SPC is, for a better understanding we strongly suggest you read Redemption Manual 5.0 – Book 1 of 4 – Free From Servitude.

A Secured Party Creditor (SPC), means that you have made the declarations for freedom and also put them on public record and that they have gone unrequited. As well that you have laid the foundation of understanding and knowledge and have taken ‘control’ of the Debtor/Entity and all property in the Debtor’s name; accounts, Birth Certificate, later the Home/land, automobiles, and like property, all accounts, pets, stock animals, your children’s debtors, etc., etc. You are showing separation between the commercial fiction and the living breathing human being. This is first and major step in establishing your freedom as it rebuts the pre-assumed assumptions that will otherwise be made on your behalf. Furthermore as an SPC you have preserved your interests and are in a better position to state a claim.

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