What is CAFV?

CAFV short for Conditional Acceptance for Value is a ‘private letter process’, your basic Private Administrative Process to resolve a matter or to get agreement from your other party to, let’s say, to agree to the discharge of debt, or that you are not subject to the statute, etc. It is part and parcel of the ‘Remedy’ as referenced in UCC-1.201 (34) “Remedy” means any remedial right to which an aggrieved party is entitled to with or without resort to a tribunal. If you get their agreement there is no controversy. The agreement/contract is the law! The CAFV is a very powerful administrative processed used to establish facts for the record, and is done in accordance with rights upheld in the constitution, international law, FRCP rule 36 and 26 (b)(1) and/or applicable state statutes. It is done in such a way to create the largest range of use, from entirely administrative processes such as collection of debts, or proof of inapplicability, to admissibility in court if it is decided that you would like to use it in such a way.

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