What is the Foreclosure Remedy Process?

The Foreclosure Remedy is a process that helps give you the evidence you need to push for a full discharge of the mortgage based on fraudulent lending practices and securitization. This will establishing your standing with the alleged Commercial Bankers and distinguish their liability to you. This process is meant to help create the documentation to prove that illegal/unlawful practices are/were implemented in regards to lending. Included in this process are 1) Complete Securitization Examination and Mortgage Examination and Analysis Report 2) Mortgage Loan Examination and Analysis Report 3) Demand Letter 4) Summary of Findings 5) CUSIP Findings 6) Abstract of Title Report 7) Recorded Document Examination Report:   The process itself is located here: http://makefreedom.com/services-products/foreclosure-remedy/ The form is located here:

Foreclosure Agreement Form & Power of Attorney

These are the forms we require in order to be able to act on your behalf to remedy, stop, and release your house to you based on fraudulent lending practices.
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