How do I get the quickest response?

The quickest way to get a response or in contact with someone is to Call sales at ext 2 via (989)833-0077  or directly at (707)797-7971 and you will almost always get a call back same day. Please try to be available for a return call as you will most likely need to leave a message.

The second quickest method to receive a response is to e-mail, please your e-mails short. Honestly the shorter the better and preferably in numbered format if you have questions or requests as such:

1) ….
2) ….
3) ….


We do not answer questions by letter, all letters will be responded to with an Initial to Clients Packet. As letters are slow and expensive to send we no longer process Q&A in this manner. As well, many times they are difficult to read from penmanship and always take longer. Please expect a response by mail to take at least 3 weeks.

Skype messages are also a great way to stay in contact.

For all of the up to date contact information please see the contact us page here:


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  1. jacy cook on June 12, 2020 at 6:41 pm

    I have a couple question
    1 I filed when I was incrassated and know now that there is some mistakes and want to get it all done right to the fullest with everything from SPC to UBOT to RFR everything
    2 do you guys or gales have package that can get this accomplished and how much is it and do you accept PayPal
    3 id like to get this started with in the next week is that possible

    I’ve already got all 6 books but I would like to have some one who knows more about it helping me I don’t have the problem of learning it I just want to get all of it rolling so I can start operating

    • Sovereign Filing Solutions on June 29, 2020 at 3:08 am

      We do offer packages for both SPC and UBOT, but the RFR program is offered by the Tort Division and they do not know what they can do to help until they have reviewed the specifics of the situation. For information on how to submit documentation to the tort division for review please call 989-833-0077 ext 8.

      You can find the “Secured Party Creditor Video” on our website at the SPC process video will walk you through our general filing procedure as well as the packages offered for the Secured Party Creditor Process and where to locate the proper forms.

      Information on UBOT can be found under Services/Business & Trusts

      Yes we do accept paypal.

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