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  • Establishing your sovereignty is the next step in regaining control of a life that is controlled almost exclusively by an out of control government.Do not take this process lightly. While the Secured Party Creditor (SPC) process effects reality the Sovereignty process only reflects reality. This means you need to have everything already in place including the ability to self sustain.
  • Documents Included in This Filing Are:
    1 Affidavit of Denial of Corporate Existence
    1 Declaration of Independence
    1 Commercial Notice of Trade Name
    1 Declaration of Peace in the nature of an Affidavit
    1 UCC 3 Amendment Form
    3 Conditional Acceptance For Value (CAFV)
    3 Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure and Contest
    3 Notice of Default & Res Judicata
    3 Administrative Judgment
    3 Affidavit of Non-Response
    2 Asservation of Status
    2 Declaration & Certificate of Sovereign Status
    2 Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure
    3 Notice of Default
    This is a total of 200 pages of documentation, not including the instructions!!


  • This is for document preperation only, you must file these documents yourself.
  • You musth have "Redemption Manual 5.0 – Book 3 of 4 – Operating Sovereign" as the book is the instruction manual for filing. 
  • What we will need to be able to complete the filing.

    As Sovereign Filing Solutions will be your agent in creating these documents, it is necessary for us to have a Power of Attorney and the Necessary Information For Filing, as well as the filing number received back from your SPC filing, address, etc...

        • Please Contact a Representative For Further Assistance or Inquiries by referring to the listed contact methods on the

    Contact Us page.

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3 reviews for Establish Your Sovereignty

  1. mickey-myanaway:Jr

    I love this status, especially by putting all my hard studies into it, a lot to learn and understand very powerful information

  2. Anthony Alexander

    I have done a lot of studying and I am ready to regain a hold of my life.

    • Sovereign Filings

      It is a pleasure to have you here and to be of help.

  3. TrillionaireTee

    This is definitely my one stop shop for all things Sovereign and I am so grateful to be in this space and time. Thanks to all who have done the work to help others gain their lives back from this “corruption” thats held us from the truth.

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