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UCC (3) Amendment used to amend previous filings, add or subtract collateral, or for the assignment of debt etc... to/for previous filings. This price includes no document attachments. Documents attachments will be billed at a one dollar per page exceeding the first 2 pages if filed in Washington State. Please note that prices may be more if the filing is done anywhere besides Washington State.

Once you have placed your order please make sure to follow up with an email to help@makefreedom.com that includes:

1) Who you are
2) What you ordered (UCC3)
3) Order Number (from your order receipt)
4) Who its for
5) Purpose of the order

Hi this is Kathy White I ordered a UCC3 under order number 14532 for Mike White to add property to the UCC 3 the property descriptions are attached to the email.

Please note your order will NOT be processed until we have the proper information to do so.


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