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The in lieu filing is used to put additional UCC location(s) on notice.

This is done as a pointer record without refiling the entirety of your filing into that location. In short it points to the original record from the new location.

Think of it like this. You are in a grocery store and the item on the shelf (your filing in it's original filing location) would be the filing itself. The sign at the end of the isle pointing to where the item is located is the pointer record (In Lieu Filing). While the pointer record is not the actual item it helps you find the item.

As the original filing with all of the documents should not be refiled into multiple locations as it would be a nightmare an both effort and cost to manage as it would require refiling in all locations each time a change is made you file an in lieu pointing to the original location of the records and simply update records in that location as necessary.

Do note that this is solely for document compilation of the In Lieu filing documents.

  • We do not file this set on your behalf.
  • We can not guarantee that the all locations such as states outside of the regional filing locations will accept the filing.
  • If you do have issues in filing into a location a Notification of Record can alternatively be used.

To use this set you must have your original UCC already filed and have your UCC Filing Number.

Once the above is complete please make sure to call or text Document Compilation 989-833-0077 ext. 2 or 707-797-7971 direct.

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