Additional Instructions You May Find Useful

If you are interested in opening a bank account
and applying for an EIN instructions can be found here:

Legal Notice & Demand Instructions Location Choices

Click on the state your UCC is filed in.

If you have not read the Redemption Manual series it is of essential importance to do so! These study guides are your foundational understanding of the process that everything else is built upon and you must understand what you are doing to utilize the tools to the fullest extent of their ability. You can find the best deals on the series in a package deal here:

If you have already read the entirety of the Redemption Manual series you can find advanced study material on the Sovereign Connection here:

Specific Resources You Might Be Interested In

Beginning information for learning discharge of debt can be located at:

You can find Wealth Creation Tools (Issuing Bonds) at:

The Jurisdiction Seminars can be found here:

Foreclosure Fraud Relief information can be found here:

Right to Travel information can be found here:

Additional resources you may find useful:

Specific Resources You Might Be Interested In

For anything in relation to taxes or tax related this is the absolute best resource available:

If you would like to get a passport without being a statutory “citizen of the United States[**]”, the following resources are helpful. These forms are free but may require free membership in SEDM and compliance to be able to use.

Getting a USA Passport as a State National, Form #13.008

USA Passport Application Attachment, Form #06.007

If you would like to function without a driver license, (right to travel) the following resources may prove helpful.