Conditional Acceptance For Value

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The Conditional Acceptance for Value Process, can not only help you to establish the facts, but is also the beginning to your exclusive remedy the tort. Via this CAFV package you will be able to, create evidence for your case/ monetary disputes, or reach settlement with another party via acquiescence & tacit agreement. This is one of the most powerful tools of the Sovereign/SPC.

Most of these documents need to be done in pairs (2 CAFV’s) thus we offer a pricing reflecting compilation and processing of both.

We will complete all necessary documentation that need to be done on your behalf as your personal agent, so you can be worry free, and confident that your CAFV is being handled by some of the best. As well we will walk you through the use of the CAFV, as well as provide the instructions for use.

Documents that are included CAFV filing:

  • (2) Conditional Acceptance for Value
  • (2) Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure and Contest
  • (2) Final Notice of Default and Res Judicata
  • (2) Administrative Judgment
  • (2) Affidavit of Non-Response

Please provide such needed information by filling out and returning to the form on the forms page.

Please note that you can locate all of the forms we offer, as well as our brochure for download and that they are always available on our our website at:

Please note that generally speaking you should have a review for tort before doing the CAFV. While the CAFV establishes facts for the record it does not in and of itself create change. Therefore you have to have a way to enforce the CAFV. If you are going to use the CAFV to enforce your own facts you are welcome to do so, but if you do not comprehend how to do so it is prudent to have a review for Tort first!

For information on how to submit documentation to the tort division for review please call 989-833-0077 ext 8.

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Pre-Conviction, Post Conviction

2 reviews for Conditional Acceptance For Value

  1. exexpat93

    I am in a “Pre” P/C CAFV action (additional evidence for my final Tort Action). SFS is doing this extra step because they know I am going all the way. The Forms and Paperwork I have seen so far is mindblowing. Everyone who has lived some in life has seen evidence of CAFV, seen Bonding Insurance Forms, or if they worked for the Government the Standard Form 95. This is so real it is scary. Many of these same processes are used by the Government and Lawyers daily. SFS is going the extra mile to nail their feet to the floor, giving them no room to wiggle out of thier responsibilities.

  2. Coy Ce Coleman

    Follow up review! Dynamite Laws taken directly from their own Code. Everything verified with the Cornell Library online. It is a Perjury Trap and a Criminal Complaint all in one. Two Federal Judges ran for the hills when they saw this included in my TORT. Caution – MAY CAUSE SENIOR JUDGES ON THE BENCH TO RETIRE EARLY! They really do not like this paperwork!

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